About me

Hi, I’m Ervin a dev/ops guy working on SemaphoreCI, a continuous integration and deployment service, developed by the fine gentleman over at Rendered Text.

I’m mostly responsible for managing and development of the system which uses different virtualization and container technologies (KVM, LXC, Docker) to execute jobs related to continuous integration and deployment. I also wrote a few articles on Semaphore Community.

In my free time, I like to fiddle with the nuts and bolts of everything which ticks or has >= 2 wheels. I’m passionate about running, motorcycles and landscapes.

About this blog

I would like to share anything interesting what I come along while programming, fixing computers or watching paint dry. This is a dump of my adventures in front of different computer screens, occasionally, far away from them. I hope some of the tips here will save you from a few hair-pulling sessions.

Contact me

Find me on Github / Twitter or shoot me a message to ervin@renderedtext.com.